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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Seven Things You Need To Know About Stress Remove Today.

Seven Things You Need To Know About Stress Remove Today

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What is Stress?

"Stress"... Aah... The first thing that comes in your mind after hearing the word "Stress". It is something that is related to negative things. Peoples get stressed and they are one who is miserable, all these things coming in your mind makes a picture of stress. Which guides you that you have to make the distance from stress.

So you start trying to find out the way "to get rid of stress", "remove stress", blah, blah...

Let's see what "Stress" is actually. "Stress is something related to the divine avatar of your body, it is how the brain and body respond to any demand." So the question is how "Divine Avatar"? Now if someone is responding to your demand & working to make it complete. Is it not divine? Remember when you pray to God, and what you expect to him. Is it not "that God will fulfill your demand". Now in case of stress body is doing same thing so it must be the "Divine Avatar"

Well coming to things you need to know about stress remove.


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1. Remember all stress is not bad.

Suppose you are going for a job interview and it's a demand of the situation that you handle it well. It's like shining, like a Star among all other candidates. So in this case your body and mind respond in a way that makes you confidant, active, and energetic. Which at all makes a good impression, now in this condition it is like a boon for you.

2. Pay keen attention to yourself.

When you are feeling stressed take your self at ease, sit somewhere comfortably. Look at this in a way that why it is happening?, What actually my body tries to fulfill?, What I'm demanding to it?. After getting all answer just make another demand for your body. Because as it is the reaction ( response ) of the body regarding your action( demand ). Now make a demand "OK now give me an alternative solution to my previous demands", keep this repeating until you get a helpful one.

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3. Exercise to strengthen your Body and Mind.

Now what it means to strengthen the mind, is it going in the gym to do weight lifting? We can understand that body can be used to strengthen through physical exercises but, mind how?

Let us see what actually mind is if we look at it in a way that an organ in the brain box. Aah.. it is an organ but, if we look at its activities so they are not physical. They are something related to mental body activities like thought, imagination, etcetera. So it can be concluded that it needs something that effects on Brain too as well as on Body.

Do Yoga, Meditation, Guided Meditation, or just Deep Breathing for few minutes.

relaxing from stress

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4. Sometimes relaxing is better.

Relaxing your body and mind means just leaving them free from your nonsense stuff. Just making them free to fly in the sky of restness. Looking tough hah... No, no it's not tough you can do it just by keeping your body in a stable position not moving, nothing else, just either lying or sitting in cross posture. And about mind, you can also make it to relax just by consciously looking your body stable, not moving with closing eyes.

Looking consciously means just feeling your body from toe to head with closed eyes.

5. Make strategies to address your goals.

Now you are having stress so definitely there maybe various tasks which you have to complete. So arrange them in priority order, means which is most needed do it now, and next one after it. now this is about handling all tasks that you know you have. Now coming to another task that may come to you in the future because of various reasons. Add them in your same priority list according to need.

6. Talk to your health professional.

Sometimes it is needed to talk to your health professionals because sometimes we just fail in handling our self even after knowing all things discussed above. It's better to contact someone more professional, It helps us to understand our body. Talk to professionals more about it like why? how? etc. And if needed take prescribed medicines.

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Seven Things You Need To Know About Stress Remove Today.

7. Be in contact with "Universal Blogy".

Aah... not kidding be in contact with us, you are not alone. We are here for you and yeah don't forget about the people to whom you are surrounded. Keep in contact with someone who supports you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Well you can contact us if you need any help, even just for casual talk.


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