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Thursday, 28 May 2020

5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Fitness

Facts Everyone Should Know About Fitness

Facts Everyone Should Know About Fitness: In this blog we will discuss the facts everyone should know about fitness. We will start it from very basic questions and then we go in deep to get an insight into fitness. You may know a lot about fitness but things you will find here will beneficial to you.

1. What is mean by getting Fitness?

First thing you should be very clear about what fitness is. Before going to make any kind of assumptions on fitness and trying to perceive. You must understand it is not going to work like this. You should drop your idea of fitness to understand it. You must understand that "Fitness" means being fit at all three dimensions - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Now what is being fit mean here?

2. Being Fit in terms of facts everyone should know about fitness.

Being Fit is something that you can easily understand by looking at your life. Remember your childhood, when you came from school after spending the whole day. You were still able to smile, play cricket, make fun, fighting with your fellow friends, etc. This list is long enough to write all the activities you did on a single day in your childhood. There are various other phases in your life to understand fitness. But this one is just amazing.

Keeping all these facts in your mind you can now get it "What it means to be fit". You are emotionally fit, mentally fit, and physically fit this is what makes your childhood amazing. You too had many burdens on your head in your childhood, but still smiling and wonderful being.

3. Understanding the need for fitness in relation to facts everyone should know about fitness.

So what happens to you now, that you need to know how to be fit, how to get fitness. All these questions are arising in you because of some misconceptions and misunderstandings that you have gathered as you grow. You should understand that fitness doesn't mean being muscular. Getting big muscles doesn't mean being a superhuman. Believe me I have seen many times how humans have mastered over deadly muscular animals. So being muscular is not the thing which you are searching for. Somehow in you, there's an urge to get fitness. Because the pieces of information your body has either from your childhood or any other phase, which it founds most beautiful and healthy. It is longing to get it again at the level of body and mind.

You can not make your present life like your past, mean to say that whatever responsibilities and work you have now, you can't leave all. But you should look at this, that these all are external factors and your body is longing for an internal factor. And now the things come that okay now I know what I'm longing in actual so how to get it?

4. Getting Physical Fitness.

Getting Physical fitness means keeping your body physically healthier with enough muscular strength and flexibility. Always remember this is called keeping, not making because you can't make the body fit. It is a continuous process you have to keep it fit till dead. The physical body is supposed to do physical activities, and this is the only thing that makes it physically fit. You should do physical activities daily as much as possible. I know because of modernization the amount of physical activities has decreased. This is why many peoples are going to certain places to do physical activities. You too can do all these things like cycling, running, exercises, gym, karate, martial art, etcetera. There are varieties of physical activities. It's your choice how much you do and physical fitness is the effect of your activity.

5. Getting mental fitness.

Similarly being mentally fit can be easily understood from here. But if we look at it, then mental fitness means being able to focus, concentrate, and emotionally stable. May be you can say other various things but mainly these three are most needed. Mental fitness is not too much separated from physical fitness. If you keep your self physically fit you are already maintaining your mental health. There are various activities that can be done to get mental health. It includes meditation, breathing activities, and resting is also a good option to some extent.


I hope by reading all the above paragraphs about the facts everyone should know about fitness. You can now understand what you need in actual and what you have to do. As we have discussed what it means to get fit. How it is different from our understanding of getting fit. You must understand what activities your body is doing and capable of it is a boon. And you have to shape yourself to enjoy this beautiful life. Please keep your self fit and healthy so you can at least become capable of enjoying this greatest evolution among all life on earth. I hope you know that human life is the highest evolution of all lives on this planet.


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