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Friday, 8 May 2020

Get Fit in Lockdown Period to Beat CORONA VIRUS

Get Fit in Lockdown Period to Beat Corona Virus

Getting bored in this lockdown period ?
Let's wake and make yourself fit to beat corona as like it's your Board Exam (the popular one ). You remember nah ..
You remember how you start studying more and more as the dates passes. You become more vibrant, more focused & more precise. And till the end of exam you keeps yourself best to be the best.

This is also like an exam, a bigger one. So the be the best, to beat it we have to keep our self best.
I know this is the period where you become less mobile, your activities are getting less and less. As it keeps going on and your body becoming weak day by day .

To overcome this situation it's needed to keep yourself vibrant , your body, your mind should be fit and well.

So there are something for you to keep your self more vibrant at various dimensions.


   This is the time where everyone is familiar to yoga. But many few knows that it's not an exercise. It's something beyond    to the common exercises. It has potential to make you fit and well in every dimension of this body.
It can be easily done by everyone even in home. Which makes it best even at this sistutaion.
So do google , youtube, atleast you know BABA Ramdev, learn yoga from his videos and perform it and get fit.

2. Eat Less

    According to the decarease in your activity make sure to decrease your food quantity also. Well at this situation where peoples are not getting food properly. Whatever you have it's needed to take maximum benifit from this. There's should be some gap in your meals. It makes your body to function well.

3. Create Good Memories

    This is the time where you are easily available to your dear one's. So keep yourself active to create more and more beautiful memories. This time is never gona come again in your life time. Make this a beautiful message to your coming generation and make this a beautiful moments to your kids memory.
Do whatever that makes surrounding joyful. Play Ludo, Carrom, HATHI-GODA, etc

4. Acquiring More Skills

    Students and professional can acquire more and more skills, that will be helpful to coming time. This is your time do what you want to make yourself more skillful, more loving person.
There are various courses offered freely at this pandemic period. Enjoy them and come with more creative person.

5. Leaving your Dreams

    This is the time where you are available more and more to you because of excess free time. Do whatever you left because of tight life. Be more flexible come with all wonderful things you love. Follow your hobbies, do paintings, singing, etc.

Be more and more fit and well in every possible as aspect and let's fight CORONA ...


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