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Monday, 25 May 2020

How to Come Out Of Depression Easily?

how to come out of depression

How to Come Out of Depression: According to the data available on the web, it is found there are more than 10 million cases of depression reported every year in India. Whereas in the US, the count of cases reported, is almost more than that of India. Well as you go below, you will find some useful insight on how to come out of depression. So you can figure out how serious this problem is. Because the count of cases and age group of these cases are touching the most beautiful time of human life. The phase of childhood, if it enters this phase completely, it will be a mess.

What is Depression?

It is important to understand how one get's depressed and how it can be managed to come out of it. According to some fancy data on Google. Depression is the term used for mental health disorder which yields a loss of interest in activities, sadness, anxiety, and blah, blah... But if you look in detail about its symptoms, you will found you are already depressed. So rather than just going to believe that you are depressed. Based on fancy data available on the web about depression. We must look at it from the very fundamentals of being a human.

If you look at yourself, no, no I'm not talking about looking yourself in front of the mirror. I'm saying that if you look at yourself based on its complexity and its activities both on the physical level and mental level. You will found how complex a machine you have to whom you called your body. You must understand your body is the most complex machine you have ever operated. There is all type of activities happening within your body, and you are not conscious about it. Not conscious means operating a supercomputer without any idea of its functionality. You know what you will make out of that is very similar to what you are making out of this body.

Understanding Body in relation to how to come out of depression.

We must understand our body in the term, how it works, no not at the chemical level. Because at the chemical level we are much familiar with how digestion occurs, what type of chemical is in our tear, blah, blah... We must understand how much time it takes to digest food individually by your body. How your thought process takes over you?, How little concern for something becomes depression for you? Don't look for information about your body on the web, do experiments with your self, get results, and proceed accordingly. Because no matter how similar the design of your body is, with others. At a level of certain identities of you, you are completely unique. And this is what makes something is a problem for one, and the same thing is an opportunity for others.

Secrets of Body

Now I'm going to share with you a very open secret of your body. If you look at it closely, you will find that your body is of a very helpful nature. It means no matter what you do with it, it always supports you. If you train it to punch hard, it will, and also if you make it to fear of cat, it will. It is just there to support you in whatever thing you want to take it. From this you must understand that whatever you start, it does follow you and makes your work easier and automate.

Let's see if you start typing from today on a daily basis, after some time you will find that there's no need to even look at keys. Even no need to think which keys to press and still you can type with a few mistakes. But how? It just because from day one your body starts following you and makes it easier and automates for you. You will be amazed but this one thing your body is doing from the very first day of your birth.

Understanding Mind in relation to how to come out of depression.

Similarly, your mind also does follow you and automate things for you. Suppose you start practicing from tomorrow because you already started something from today... ha... ha... ha... So you start practicing to keep your mood happier for one hour every day. You will find that the difficulty to be happier in starting is much more. But as you practice daily after a few days it will be very easy to be happy the whole day. Just because your mind makes the whole process of being happier very familiar and automates for you.

Now if you look at depression from the fancy definitions of it. You will understand that it is something which you have cultivated and mind makes it to grow for you. And now it is familiar and automates it to you. You can access it anytime, anywhere, and even the whole time. But how it become a mental illness.


You must understand this good, bad, disease, and crime, etcetera all these are categories by us. What be found good for an individual or a group, we call it a good thing, otherwise it's a damn thing. Similarly we categorize everything whether physical or non-physical. So if you cultivated something which is not giving good results to you. Then it is a disease for you, now how to come out of depression. The only way to come out of depression is to start cultivating something else, it can be just anything that you want to be. Because till dead you will somehow cultivate many things every day. But what you cultivate is 100% in your hand, it's just you who has to become aware of things you are cultivating. How to become aware can be easily understood from the previous blog about stress.

Now if you are feeling a loss of interest, sleeping the whole day, not able to sleep, awakening at early morning, late sleep, excessive sadness, crying, agitation, etcetera all these various symptoms of depression. So please start by handling one by one and you will find you have to manage very few and all others were gone. It just because all others are a consequence of a few. The key to becoming available to every possibility is within you. You just have to understand yourself. Nothing is worst and nothing is ultimate till you know everything.

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