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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

5 Important Life Lessons Love Taught Us.

5 Important Life Lessons Love Taught Us.

Life Lessons Love Taught Us. Let's address it first, what is "Love" then you will understand what life lessons love taught us. Whenever we hear the word "Love" something starts happening in our little heart, her memories come in front of you. No matter how your lover is, but when memories start uplifting in your mind from your heart. You just feel amazed, get more emotional, sometimes a little sad. But if you are asked for defining "what is Love"?

What you will say come on try to comment, how you will define. Probably you will say "Love is the most beautiful feeling, ever happens in your life". No matter how much you cried in the corner, hiding from others. But "Love" is just amazing.

Let's address the lesson's that "Love" taught us, because if we go talk about "Love" it will be an endless talk. Because of so many memories, expectations and imaginations.

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5 Important Life Lessons Love Taught Us.

List of Life Lessons Love Taught Us.

1. Love taught devotion.

No... no... don't get crazy, it's true that love taught devotion. How? If you remember how much care for her/his you had. How sweetly you do everything that she want's without looking for the hurdles behind those demands? You fought to everyone just for her/his. Yo lie for her. In short you do everything for her whatever is needed. That's what devotion is "A devotee is one who is a great lover to her Goddess". Devotees just go above all limitations of common human's.

It's the most beautiful thing of Creation that you can fall in "Love" with anyone and became capable to go beyond your limit. That's why many times great devotees are worshiped. Similarly, there's many lovers who are worshiped. I'm sure you have heard about "Heer and Ranjha", Laila and Majnu". These are the famous one but in our time there are various examples.

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5 Important Life Lessons Love Taught Us.

2. Love taught Karma Yoga.

Have you heard about "Swami Vivekananda", a great inspiration for youth? A great "Karma Yogi". He has written many books regarding various forms of Yoga. Now, you are thinking about how "Love is related to Karma Yoga".

"Karma Yoga" relation with "Love" can be easily understood if you complete the definition of love, that you said earlier. "Love is the most beautiful feeling with no expectations". Yeah you heard right, It's the most beautiful feeling with no expectations. "Love means accepting your partner as it is". If you are trying to change her according to yourself, then you are doing a mistake. It's the difference between you and her, that's why you are attracted to her.

Similarly, In this way "Karma Yoga" means accepting the things as it is. Complete acceptance of everything. Doing absolutely everything possible without expecting anything. Karma yoga is a greater form of Love, here you are in love with everything, just everything.

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5 Important Life Lessons Love Taught Us.

3. Love is never successful nor unsuccessful.

If it makes you remember your break up story, then you should look at you. If you are trying to judge love on the parameters of successful or failed. Then you are doing a serious mistake. Love is something far away from success or failure. Love is something related to our emotions and success and failure can only be tagged on actions. Only the action the "Karma" you do can be analyzed either success or failure. You can't analyze your emotions on these parameters.

Break up happens with partners not with "Love". You should understand you are in "Love", and it may be with anyone. So being separated from your partner doesn't mean you lose your love. It just means that you are separated from the one who makes you capable to realize the most beautiful feeling of love. But don't forget she didn't take that feeling with her. It's there within you forever.

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5 Important Life Lessons Love Taught Us.

4. Love taught Responsibility.

Aah... I know how responsible you are for her. If you look at it at a higher level including your closest one. You will find that it teaches you how there's a responsibility on your shoulders. To take the care of your family and believe me the day you become aware of your responsibility. You become mature, close to your family.

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5 Important Life Lessons Love Taught Us.

5. Love taught the importance of the bond between other relations.

When you become conscious about the bond between you and your partner, you start consciously looking to other bonds. These bonds can be anyone between you and brother, sister, mother, etcetera. You start feeling a joy, a wave of happiness, the fragrance of love start involving every other bond. Everything becomes beautiful to you. You start accepting each individual.

Always remember the "Love" is there within you forever, it just needs your support to grow and to involve everybody in that fragrance of Love. Life lessons love taught us is completely depends on your understanding too. Everything teaches something special, be enough smart to perceive it.

Thank you

Bye... soon. "Aaate Rehna"...


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