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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Does Sleeping On The Sofa Cause Anemia?

Sleeping on the sofa cause anemia

Does Sleeping on the Sofa Causes Anemia: According to the data available on the web. It is found that more than 10 million cases per year reported anemia in India. Well this is a very small percentage of India's population but still, it a very common disease. This blog gives some insight into one of the most searched questions on Google. Sleeping on the sofa cause anemia? We will explain it as you go below in this blog.

Let us start from very basic of anemia, like what anemia is, it's symptoms, and treatments. Anemia, in general, is a lack of enough numbers of healthy red blood cells (RBC) in the body. Which results in failure to carry an adequate amount of oxygen to body tissues. It is also known as "Lack of Blood". In medical terms it is a deficiency of iron in the blood. The symptoms of anemia include fast heartbeat, dizziness, difficulty in breathing (in general shortness of breath), and weakness. It can be long-term and severe. The treatments of anemia depend on its diagnosis. Vitamins and Iron supplements can be taken on prescriptions of doctors.

Is it possible sleeping on the sofa cause anemia?

All these things that you read in the above paragraph, is a brief intro of anemia. Now if you look at this from the very fundamental way of being human. You will found that because of some problems in your body. It is not able to keep you healthy instead of it's a continuous effort. As it digests the food you intake, at various levels from chewing in the mouth to extracting from the bowl. In the process of digestion all essential things are extracted from food. Which would be helpful in the formation of blood, cells, tissues, bone marrow, semen, etc.

So It may possible that the very first reason for the cause of anemia is related to your food and digestion process. You should be aware of your food intake, whatever you eat, should be focused to provide a healthy condition to your body. Filling up your stomach is not a way to a healthy food lifestyle. You should intake various types of food so that body can get all types of Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The best way to follow a healthy food lifestyle is to eat seasonal vegetables, fruits, and grains. The very body is in co-existence with Sun and Earth. Also, farming is in direct relation with Sun and Earth, according to the position of Earth and Sun the production in farming is effected. It is in such a way that whatever food body needs, mother earth provides us through farming.

Understanding your body in relation to sleeping on the sofa cause anemia can be understood.

If you have a well understanding of food and body then you will come to know that very process of digestion is related to the position of body organs. If you are lying down it is not supposed to eat, similarly, it is not supposed to lying down just after the meal. During eating the digestion process starts and it involves various organs of the upper body, so maintaining the normal position of the upper body is necessary, there's no alternative to it. During eating, your body is supposed to be erect and can comfortably position. As the normal position of the body is very dedicated to the vertical position of the spine. The whole journey of human evaluation is from a vertically inclined spine to a horizontally inclined spine.

You must understand the very design of this body, the position of organs in the body is, in such a way that it is helpful in the process of survival. Every cell of your body is dedicated to the survival of this body. It is only you who is not friendly with your body.

Understanding the relationship between body and sleep.

You should understand the relation of body and sleep, for most people's sleep is not in support of their system. They are either sleeping every time or can't sleep even at night. Lying down every time on the bed is not a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is to rest your body, but before rest your body should be tired of the activity. If you are tired of resting of body then sorry sleep is definitely not for you. You must understand sleeping is not just the process of going unconscious. It is like temporary dead, you must do it gracefully. Your body should be comfortable, comfortable does not mean a comfortable bed and A.C. conditioner room. It means lying on the flat surface keeping body posture stable.

You should look at your sleeping quota consciously, and sleeping time should be fixed, at least you should be aware of quantity and quality. Do things which yield a good quality sleep like meditation, going bed after 3 hours of the meal. Doing regular exercise helps in better functioning of the body.

The best way to check whether your sleep is of good quality is to look at yourself how you are feeling when you wake up just after sleep. Is it feeling amazing or just another hell. Is there a headache, dizziness, feeling still sleepy. All these are the way of the body to say that "Hey, something is wrong, why you are not supporting me." You can sleep anywhere but how you feel after waking up, and if you are thinking why I'm not talking about how you feel during sleep, then definitely you are not sleeping well. Because in sleep you are not there to feel, and to analyze.


Does sleeping on the sofa cause anemia can be easily understood. If you look at all the above paragraphs, and asking yourself am I sleeping well, eating healthy, and living healthy. Do score yourself if you are scoring above 80% then you can say you are really at the healthy side. And if not so you must understand you are not only forcing your body to cause anemia, even more, other severe diseases are getting invited by you. And please before scoring yourself you should understand what sleeping well, eating healthy, and living healthy means from reading all the above paragraphs.

Do keep yourself upgrading time to time, so you can understand your body more and more. Just like exploring more and more on your smartphone features makes you mastering to handle it. Do keep in touch with my blogs, if found helpful.

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